Conditions of Mobile Users

Conditions of Mobile Users

There are a few conditions involved for mobile users in terms of multimedia application :

(a) Delivery of the Content
The low bandwidth of the wireless network many times creates limitations for the mobile users when they send content in different formats, like text, images, graphics, animatios, voice and video.

(b) Mobility
Mobility is another arrangement for mobile users. when the user's movement chnage the distance between the base station and the mobile host causes disturbance in the wireless network.
Following are the conditions for mobility:
-> Rapid and radical changes in available resources capacity such as bandwidth.
-> Frequent topology changes.
-> Unexpected delays, Packet loss or the loss of service.

(c) Multimedia
There are sometimes the multimedia conditions for the mobile users. The application starts hanging when there is increase in the memory storage.

(d) Synchronisation
Another cause is the synchronisation for the mobile user's means to connect the devices with other devices. It creats the problem of synchronisation.

(e) Access Point Requirement
User of mobile software application requires the access point to access the internet. The access point is the location setup settings to connect the internet so without the access point user cannot connect to the internet.

(f) Disclosure of the Information
This information includes his/her verification and valid information which is submitted to the provider and finally this information is sent to the government for the security reasons.

(g) Data Access
Data Access on a mobile device is constrained by unreliable network connections and the hardware constraints of the device itself.

(h) Configuration Management
When designing device configuration management, consider how to handle device resets, as well as whether you want to allow configuration of your application over the air or from a host PC.

(i) Exception Management
Good exception handling in your mobile application prevents sensitive exception details from being revealed to the user, improves application robustness and helps to avoid your applicaton being left in an inconsistent state in the event of an error.

(j) Power
Power is the most limiting factor for a mobile device. Decisions for design should take into account how much power the device consumes and its effect on overall battery life.

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